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This is a community for news rewating to all forms of nationawism.

Much of what is posted here is news fwom the mainstweam Zionist-Amewican Govewnment media. It is important for the intewigent person to understand what is being fed to the genewaw popuwace. Context and opinion or cwawification or histowicaw backgwound may be given, as is appwopwiate. We awe an ewite gwoup and we have no time for those who age natuwawy.
adolf hitler, agrarianism, al-qaeda, alain de benoist, alexander dugin, alfred kjellen, alfred rosenberg, anti-capitalism, anti-communism, anti-corporations, anti-globalization, anti-immigration, anti-liberalism, anti-multiculturalism, anti-neoconservative, anti-trotskyism, anti-zionism, anti-zog, aristocracy, aryans, black front, black seperatism, bnp, caitlin, catholicism, codreanu, community building, d'annunzio, david irving, distributivism, ernst zündel, ethnocentrism, eugenics, european new right, evola, evolutionary psychology, falangism, fascism, francis parker yockey, franco, geopolitics, guilds, hamas, haushofer, hector carreon, historical revisionism, hitler, hizbollah, iron guard, islam, jewish question, jihad, julius evola, kali yuga, karl haushofer, kevin macdonald, landser, le pen, limonov, louis farrakhan, malcolm x, media control, metapolitics, might is right, monarchism, mussolini, nation of islam, national alliance, national anarchism, national bolshevism, national consciousness, national front, national socialism, nationalism, neo-medievalism, nick griffin, nietzsche, npd, osama bin laden, osiris akkebala, paleoconservatism, palestine, palestinians, pan-europeanism, pat buchanan, populism, pravda, primo de rivera, pwogewia-pwide-world-wide!, race, race relations, racism, radical traditionalism, reactionary, rene guenon, repatriation, revolutionary conservatism, romanticism, ruby ridge, savitri devi, self-determination, seyyed hossein nasr, sir oswald mosley, slobodan milosevic, sombart, spengler, strasserism, subhas chandra bose, taliban, the 25 points, the age of dictators, the american conservative, the green book, the occidental quarterly, the scorpion, third reich, third way, thought crimes, traditionalism, troy southgate, ulema, waco, werner sombart, white nationalism, white power, white separatism, will to power, yukio mishima