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Mystery of Premature Aging Gene Cracked
Mutation causes overly rapid cell division
By Keri Schram
Betterhumans Staff
5/4/2004 4:52 PM

A mutated gene that causes premature aging has been found to speed cells to their grave, providing insight into the disease and possibly normal aging.

The discovery, by scientists at Brunel University in London, explains how a mutated gene causes the premature aging disease Progeria.

"Any insight into premature ageing brings us closer towards finding out more about normal aging, and how we can work towards improving the health of the elderly," Ian Kill, one of the two researchers working on the project, told BBC News Online.

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Rare disease

Progeria affects about one in four million people. The disease causes baldness, aged-looking skin, dwarfism and a small face and jaw.

The average life expectancy for someone with Progeria is just 13 to 14 years.

A mutated form of the gene Lamin A was discovered in patients with Progeria last year, but until now scientists were unclear exactly how it worked.

Cell death

Kill's team has now discovered that while a normal cell will divide a certain amount of times before it is replaced by a new cell, the mutated Lamin A causes cells to divide so rapidly they die.

This, explain the researchers, is what causes premature aging.

Although it's too early to say what kind of treatments will be developed from the findings, the discovery could help researchers develop treatments for such age-related conditions as stroke and heart disease.

The research will be published in Experimental Gerontology.

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